So what’s this blog about? No, it’s not about age appropriate childhood development. I hope the subtitle takes care of that notion. Rather, it’s a personal blog about us women, who, by our sheer baby boomer numbers, are breaking–or at least bending–the rules that existed for our mothers. We’re busy redefining what is age appropriate in mid-life.

This is important: I am no arbiter of what actually is age appropriate. I’m just throwing bits of my life out there for you to consider.

I’ve been known to think too much. So instead of keeping it all “up there,” I’ve decided to put it “out there.” A lot of what I’ve been thinking about in the last two years, as my life has been in transition, is whether what I’m doing makes sense for someone my age. Has my development been arrested? Am I age appropriate?

Or am I taking advantage of this time of life–empty nester (a grown daughter), house-free (sold the last one in ’09), single (for way too long)–to claim some tangible freedom and consider who I am and what I’m about. And what I’ll do for the next 35 years, God willing.

For the past two–going on three–summers, I have been living and working at a lodge in the splendor of the Grand Tetons, a small but awesome mountain range in western Wyoming.  There, I live in community with co-workers young enough to be my children, share a small cabin with a roommate and use bathroom facilities in a bathhouse several yards from my bed. See why I titled my blog “Age Appropriate?”

Oh, but that freedom, the space, the jaw-dropping nature. My heart stops multiple times a day, so caught up in the love of the place. Off season I return to my hometown to friends and family in Minneapolis. Wait, Minnesota in winter?! I really have no rationale for that. This seasonal arrangement won’t last forever–I probably should grow up and resume responsibilities of a real job and housing of my own.

Until then (and quite possibly well beyond), you are welcome to look in on the life of this over-50 woman. Thank you for checking in. And if you are so moved, please be part of the discussion by letting me hear from you.

3 responses to “Background

  1. Hey Liz,
    I am the 59-year old sister of Marie. She sent me your blog and I made a comment. Now I am asking a question based on your background piece. What do you do while in the Tetons? You mentioned ‘co-workers.’ I spent a winter there back in the early 80’s. What a gorgeous place. One of my favorites in the entire world.

    • Thanks Paula. A fellow Teton alum! I’ve been working at Jenny Lake Lodge. The employees live on site. It’s such a beautiful place, I’m pretty much able to overlook inconveniences like having to walk outside to the bathroom. I’ll be heading there next month and will be writing about it.

  2. You are living your (our) age in a marvelously creative and intentionally appropriate way.
    Life isn’t wearing on you; you are wearing IT well.
    Thank you for showing – and sharing – your age!

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