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Finding the Words

This is my inaugural entry for my new blog. Boy, it better be awesome.  But if I wait until it is indeed awesome, or somehow perfect, it will never be published. So, wherever we are, let’s begin:

This is a blog about women of a certain age; let’s say those who have their feet firmly planted in their 50s. I’m 56—very close to 57. I keep forgetting that I’m 56 and I often wonder if I shouldn’t be acting more my age.

As I go about my life, it seems there is a pattern emerging as I find myself asking, “is this age appropriate?”  Honestly, I don’t know what to think about being in my mid-50s: middle aged, baby boomer, empty-nester, qualified to join AARP.  Jeez, I ordered off the senior menu at Perkins Pancake House because I was over 55! I wanted only two potato pancakes, and I found them on the seniors page. Price was right, too.  Not going to fuss about that.

Ask any woman if she believes she’s really going to turn 50-something and she’ll tell you, “Hell no!”  When the topic comes up among my friends (and it frequently does), we all look aghast and assure ourselves that 50 is the new 30.

My friend Kitty and I certainly weren’t feeling our ages as we did some crazy dancing with our male pals at the First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis. The occasion was the annual tribute to John Lennon, a concert held on the anniversary of the Beatle’s death every December. It had been a long night, the five of us among those closing down the place–belting out “I Want to Hold Your Hand” during the fast and furious encore of early Beatles hits.

Age appropriate?

Exuberance is always age appropriate. I’m on the look out for it everywhere. Now, I’ll admit, on the day after the Beatles dance-a-thon, my left foot (the one with the bunion) felt all knotted up, and my knees were really sore from the jumping around for four hours. But I managed to still be able to walk, so the aches seemed a small price to pay for … exuberance.

What’s in an age? Being 50-something by any other name would smell as sweet (sorry Shakespeare). I love being 56—when I’m not thinking about it.

My soundtrack today: I Want to Hold Your Hand.